Thank you for trying out Ta11y - A Total Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Ta11y is designed to walk you through an accessibility assessment of a small organization. This includes the organization's communication tools, websites and facilities.

General Instructions

For each section that applies to your organization:

  • Answer each question. There are instructions, examples, and additional information available to assist you.
  • List any failures or challenges in the notes section for that question. These notes will show up in the report along with instructions on how to fix them.
  • You can view and print the report at any time using the report tab.
  • If you have questions, you can reach out to info@accessiblecommunity.org or join the Accessible Community Facebook group and ask.

Communication and Web Evaluation

For the communication and web evaluations, you will need:

Facility Evaluation

For the facility evaluation you will need:

  • About an hour (large buildings will take longer)
  • A tape measure at least 15 feet but preferably 20 feet long
  • A 2-foot level
  • An iphone with the Color Contrast application by Philip Strain installed
  • A second person is optional but makes the assessment much easier!