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Creating Accessible YouTube Videos

Creating Captions in YouTube

Captions allow individuals who are deaf to experience your multimedia content. They also attract attention in social media and help individuals who have poor or no audio access your content. YouTube provides a really easy way to caption your videos so you can share them with the world.

  1. Upload your video using the Create Video or Post icon in upper right or go to your channel to view existing videos.
  2. Screenshot of YouTube channel. The Creator Studeo Classic option is at the bottom of the list of options below the avatar.

  3. Go to the Creator Studio Classic if you are in the newer studio. The link is towards the bottom left of the screen below your avatar (see image above)
  4. Click the Edit button to the right of the video you want to caption. Then select Subtitles/CC. CC stands for closed captions.
  5. Set the appropriate language. If all your multimedia content will be in English or another language, set this as your default.
  6. YouTube automatically generates captions for your video. You can watch them by playing the video and turning on the captions using the CC.
  7. Screenshot of subtitles screen in youtube. The edit button is above the videos and captions, which are not yet editable, are to the left of the video. 
6. Once you've watched the video, you will have an idea what you want to correct. In the video in the image above, we want to add punctuation and capitalization to make the captions easier to read.

  8. Click the Edit button in the upper right. The text to the left of the video will become editable.
  9. The captions become editable in timestamped chunks after the Edit button is selected.

  10. Make changes directly in these editable boxes. The time stamps are already set up correctly.
  11. Click the Publish Edits button.

Note that you can also upload a transcript if you already have one from when you created the video or manually caption the content as you listen to the video. These options are available from the Add new subtitles or CC button to the right of the video once automatic captions have been generated. Use the option that is fastest for you.

Create a Descriptive Transcript

A descriptive transcript provides a text version of the audio and visual content within a video to support Deaf and blind individuals.

To create a descriptive transcript:

  1. Complete captions and then download the transcript from YouTube.
  2. Edit the transcript to add in any visual information needed to understand the audio content.
  3. Add the transcript content to the video description or link to it in a public file such as a Google Document

Avoid flashing content

Flashing content can cause migraines and seizures. Flashing is any quick switch from high contrast to low contrast that happens more than 3 times second but is slow enough to still be visible (3-50 flashes per second).